Our History

Rich Business History since 1982Proaxxs, LLC
Proactive Server Management, a Proaxxs company, has existed in our current form since 1999 - but our brands and businesses have been around since way back in 1982, when we opened a brick & mortar business named "Starview Satellite Systems", specializing in "big dish" satellite tv system sales, service and installation. In 1985 we changed our name to "Starview Electronics" and offered custom home theater systems - big screen televisions - surround sound - and components to compliment our custom satellite tv system installs.

StarviewOur Tremendous Business Growth
Due to our tremendous growth, and addition of home theater components, along with acquiring brand names such as Pioneer, Mitsubishi, EchoStar, Kenwood, Sony, Philips, Harmon Kardon, Acoustic Research, JBL, Sharp, Marantz, Philips, etc. in 1988, we moved to a 9,000 s.f. anchor store, in a brand new shopping center. We were the largest consumer electronics store within a 50 mile radius. In 1991, we opened another store, carrying the same consumer electronics lines, and added laserdisc rentals, plus provided onsite service to customers homes & businesses. (In case you don't know, LaserDisc was the short lived commercial optical disc storage medium before DVD)

Migration to Home Computer SystemsStore Front
In the early 1990's we added our Direct HomeCable brand to our satellite tv lineup - And added home computer systems to our lineup in 1992 (in the dos/windows 3.x/non plug-and-play era). In 1994, it became evident that the satellite industry was going through some major changes, and we were gaining momentum on the sales of our home computer systems, as pricing started to become more reasonable. Since our strength has always been service and support after the sale, it made perfect sense to move toward home computer sales and service. In 1995, we consolidated everything from the consumer electronics end, and moved to a new location, specializing in (wholesale & retail of) custom built computers, parts, service and repair, computer recycling (new & used), software, partnered with other "like" businesses - and of course satellite tv (the small ones everyone knows today).

Business OfficeExpansion to online development
In 1997, as an extension of our brick and mortar business, we started and managed several online ventures - In 1999, we created Proaxxs for back-end processing, and started to manage several dozen web hosting related businesses - bundled web hosting offers with other services such as web development/design, ecommerce/shopping carts, domain names, etc. which was offered mainly to local businesses and professionals initially. Beginning in 2001, most our hosting related businesses were assigned to managing owners who started to sell globally, with proaxxs still handling the back-end - Many of these reassigned businesses are still going strong today.

Dedicated to online sales & serviceWork Area
In 2002 the ceo retired from the consumer electronics end of the business to focus mainly on the online ventures in place, but stayed active as a consultant to consumer electronics businesses until 2009 - During this transition, and by 2006, proaxxs.net was no longer required to handle back-end processing, and started to offer it's own services - In 2008 Proaxxs started offering our own support/admin/management services, and early in 2010 created ProactiveServerManagement, plus added additional staff around the globe to handle these global services - at this point in time, since 2006 all business is now conducted online.

ServiceExperience from large to small scale
Because of our experience in running both larger and smaller type businesses, one thing we have learned over the years, is how important the "smaller" provider/business is - In our opinion, a smaller provider can offer exceptional service and support, whereas with a larger operation, you usually just become a "number" - I think we all have had the experience of feeling unimportant to the larger company - It can be a very frustrating and disappointing feeling - Just remember, the larger they are, the harder they can fall. This is why we intend to keep our business model on the "smaller" scale, and utilize our other businesses to maintain that scale, as our main goal is to offer the best service and support possible

Proactive Server Management
We have been there, done that - Up until 2008, we had also used outsourced, and remote techs ourselves, and quite frankly could not quite find the right mix – We have used some of the low priced services, high priced services, so-called largest, oldest, and self-proclaimed best SMC's, and we didn't see much difference in service between most, with the exception of the "cheap" SMC's, which failed us in most cases. These may be good for some, but they did not live up to our expectations. Because of this, we saw a need in the marketplace to offer a High Quality, Efficient Service! We are very strict in selecting and keeping techs on board. If necessary, we will remove or replace a tech that we feel, or our clients feel, are not doing a good job. We have a no-nonsense approach to this, so you can rest assured, you will be in good hands at all times. Our expert techs can take care of your servers and/or tickets efficiently. For outsourced support, we can use your own helpdesk to take care of your ticket needs. We believe overall, that you will be impressed with the quality of service we provide.

Superior Support, Superior ServiceTop-notch support that is second to none
Unlike many small businesses, we have the resources in place to provide the same level of service no matter how slow it is in the market place - in other words we are not going to disappear overnight, like you may have seen others do. By running our business the way we have, we have succeeded by offering great services at competitive pricing, and by backing our services with top-notch support, and customer service that is “second to none” - We guarantee that your satisfaction will always be our number one priority - because We Care!

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