Already have Linux server administration in place, and only need one-time service?

Our one-time services cover a wide range of administration tasks, including security scans, initial server setup and security, monitoring, 3rd party software installs, hourly admin work, and just about any work needed in your Linux based server. Even script integration service -(WHMCS, WP, CE, Kayako, PHPBB, Etc)-> ON SALE


If the work you need done is not listed below, then you can select our Hourly Server Administration Service. With our Hourly Server Administration service, you can request to have just about any work performed in your server at a very reasonable hourly rate - or select our per job service for one-time service such as script installs


Please take a look at our one-time service offers listed below - If you don't see the service you need listed, please contact us with your requirements.



Under this plan, we monitor the critical services in the server and restart them in case they fail. Suppose, the failed service is not getting restarted, then the issue shall be escalated instantly to the server admin. We ensure that the issue is either fixed or escalated to the datacenter/admin within 15 minutes of service failure

- 24 / 7 Server Monitoring
- Critical service monitor
- Instant Service Restart
- Instant Server Reboot
- Immediate Escalation To DataCenter

from $12 Per Server per month - Order Now

- Initial setup of the control panel
- Installation and configuration of Basic Firewall (APF/CSF)
- BFD/LFD installation
- Security audits
- Limit compiler & fetch utilities access to root only
- Correct folder permissions to prevent directory transversal on unprivileged users
- Logwatch installation and configuration
- Binary Hardening
- Host.conf & sysctl hardening
- Noexec, Nosuid temporary directory's
- RkHunter Installation
- LSM (Linux Socket Monitor) Installation
- Kernel update if necessary
- SSH Server Hardening
- TCP/IP Hardening
- Disable of dangerous php functions
- Update all server/control panel software
- Disabling Unused Services
- RPM Package Audit
- Check/secure configuration defaults on common services
- Zend Optimizer Installation
- Php recompilation with needed Modules
- Customization and Tweaking of Apache DNS and Mysql services

$49 per server - Order Now
Bulk pricing as low as $25 per server

Monthly server audit.
Server security auditing should be a must practice for production servers. If your servers or web applications are compromised, hackers can gain complete access to your data. To prevent these kind of hacking attempts we install necessary firewall and security software on the server. This software should be updated at regular intervals as there may be patches available for them. Also the audit will check the user applications on the server for any vulnerable scripts that may cause server threats. Can cancel any time.

from $19 per server per month - Order Now

It's common to have some unexpected issues at odd times. It can be an apache failing or a spammer attacking your mailserver or a php issues, a load issue, or anything like that. We at Proaxxs can take care of your one time jobs most efficiently and in minimum time.

- Control Panel Installation
- Third party Software Installation
- Php or Apache Recompilation
- Tweaking of Mysql or Apache servers
- Security Audit
- Checking Mail server Attack
- Server Restoration or Migration
- Kernel Up-gradation
- OS or Control Panel Issues
- Configuring Services in a NO-Control Panel Server
- Re-secure a server after compromise
- Custom Work

from $20 Per Hour - Order Now

If you're unsure of the admin time needed, please contact us first to avoid any delay or issue

- Install RKHunter
- Install RKHunter Cronjob which emails a user-set email address nightly
- Install/update APF/CSF
- Install/update BFD
- Install CHKROOTKIT Cronjob which emails a user-set email address nightly
- Disable Telnet
- Force SSH Protocol 2
- Secure /tmp
- Secure /var/tmp
- Secure /dev/shm
- Install/update Zend Optimizer
- Install/update eAccelerator
- MySQLConfiguration Optimization
- Upgrade MySQ
- Tweak WHM Settings for security and stability
- Configure RNDC if not already done (cPanel only)
- Change SSH port (also configure APF as necessary)
- Add wheel user and disable direct root login over SSH
- Optimize MySQL tables
- Install/update Libsafe
- Install/update ImageMagick (from latest source)
- Uninstall LAuS
- Harden sysctl.conf
- Install Chirpy's Free Exim Dictionary Attack ACL (cPanel only)

$49 one-time fee - Order Now

Installation and Configuration of

- cPanel/WHM
- Plesk
- Direct Admin
- Webmin

$25 one-time fee - Order Now

Most Linux OS Installs

- Red Hat Linux
- CentOS
- Fedora
- Debian
- FreeBSD
- Etc.

$49 one-time fee - Order Now

Want your forum, whmcs, phpBB, Kayako, or other script to match your site design? We can create a custom template to match the look of your web site.

- WHMCS SIX Theme Full integration: SALE-> $29
- ClientExec integration: SALE-> $29
BoxBilling Integration SALE-> $19
- Hostbill Full integration: SALE-> $35
- Kayako integration: SALE-> $49
- Wordpress integration: SALE-> $45
- phpBB Skin: SALE-> $39
- vBulletin: SALE-> $69
- Blesta: SALE-> $19
- Custom Website Design: SALE-> $129
- Basic Logo: SALE-> $15
- Custom Script Integration - Contact Us

ON SALE - Order Now

Installation of

- SSL Cert - If purchased from us FREE
- SSL Cert if purchased elsewhere $10

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Need to migrate your cPanel or non cPanel account to a new server?
We can take care of this for you. We have two options

1. cPanel to cPanel or Non cPanel or No Control Panel Migration - you will be responsible for restoring and/or making sure your services are configured properly

2. cPanel to cPanel or Non cPanel or No Control Panel Migration with Restore/Configuration - We will migrate and restore your accounts and install and configure your services

Contact Us for a quote

NEW CLIENTS: If you just signed up with us we will migrate your accounts over for free, per the following requirements: Shared hosting - 5 max transfers | Reseller hosting - 50 max transfers | VPS & Dedicated servers - unlimited transfers | Our free transfer service is valid within the first 30 days only. We will transfer the "max" transfers free, and then $5.00 per account after.

Sites over 1000 MB are excluded from the Free Transfer offer. - Sites over 1000 MB are $10 per 1000 MB each.

Prices above are for cPanel accounts only. Any other control panel platform will require a quote. If you have root access on your old server, and are wanting to transfer a different control panel, we will transfer your entire server, regardless of disk size for $99, per option 1.



Before You Sign-Up

As with all of our services it is required that you read the terms of service and the acceptable use policy before purchasing any services from us.

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