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These are all legitimate testimonials we have received over the years, with many clients being with us for year. If you want to verify any of these, please let us know and we will supply contact information, with clients approval.

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Fantastic service! As of recently the support you've been providing to my customers have been absolutely exceptional. It's been very personal and no canned/generic responses.

I tip my hat to Nick and Paul specifically who have seemed to stood out the most, but everyone in general is continuing to excel.

Okay so after being with you guys for over 5 years now I think it’s only fair that I leave a review for you. Sorry it wasn’t sooner. Anyway I just want to thank the Proaxxs staff for putting up with my silly questions over the years and I sincerely appreciate the professional manner the support staff has handled these. After re-reading some of my questions and requests, I think what an idiot I am. Because of your support staff putting up with me and your reasonable pricing and great features I can’t see me moving anywhere else. And I agree with the M. Crew, anyone thinking about using your services should seriously give you a try. They would have very little to lose (none in my opinion) and everything to gain. Keep up with the great work and services!

I too have tried others and am so glad we found you! Your outsourced support truly is second to none. We know because we have used many other outsourced services and we were going to s**t can all of them until we tried your service. Best choice we have ever made. I now feel we are in good hands and I no longer have a problem sleeping at night worrying about what will go wrong, just knowing everything will be okay. Keep up the good work. I am thoroughly impressed with everything!

We have used many outsourced support providers in the years we have been in the hosting industry (since 2000)and ProAxxs has been hands down the best of them all!

Absolutely near perfect service if I may say so myself. I have been using proaxxs services (managed servers, server management, help desk support, outsourced support) for over 3 years now (sorry I never left a review for you before. I want to keep anonymous) I doubt I will ever quit using your service unless I personally leave the business. Anyone else considering these guys? Give them a try, you will be glad you did!

I also tested your services with your per ticket support and after a couple weeks looked up to snuff for me. Moved to your per server plan with 5 servers. After one month of and testing support, I moved 26 servers to your outsourced semi dedicated plan. Been on that for 3 months now and haven't any complaints. Very efficient and professional service. Sorry I'm outsourced so can't list my business name for obvious reasons

The support proaxxs provides is amazing. They are actually aware of issues in our servers before we are and quckly resolves them. When I request support I get a response almost immediately. No kidding! I am so hapy I chose you over the others.


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Proaxxs is really truly special and support staff is amazing. I have used them for basic management to begin with, to proactive management and now end user support and am very happy. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else and I would recommend everyone to at least try them to see for themselves.

Now this is the way to go!!!!! I ordered the premium plus admin plan with end user support and must say you guys are the BOMB! This has saved me a lot of time and headaches to have you do all my end user support. And I must say it is very efficient and WOW you guys are fast! I was nervous at first but using my own ticketing system I can monitor your responses which is great and I must say I have no complaints in how you support my clients. This is a first for me. I have never seen this level of support before. This is just terrific. Thank you so much!


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